(Childcare opens at 9:30am and is first come first serve)

·      General Rules

-        Parents must be attending a chapel function to use WatchCare

-        Only children 6wks – 5yrs old may attend WatchCare. (Unless prior arrangements are made for older children and posted by program leaders)

-        No person is allowed in the WatchCare rooms except children who have been signed in by the parent or legal guardian of that child.

-        Due to security requirements parent are not permitted to stay in the room with their child for more than 5 minutes

-        A parent or legal guardian 18 yrs of age or older must sign child in and out.  Parent must write a note authorizing someone else to pick up the child at the time of drop off.

-        All information on sign in sheet must be completed

-        All items need to be labeled with the child’s name (cups, diaper bags etc)

-        A caregiver 18 yrs or older may sign in a child only with a note from the parent or legal guardian stating the child is in their care and that the child may attend WatchCare. (Notes may be kept on file if the child will be returning with the caregiver in the future)

-        Children must be signed into age appropriate room during large events

-        No outside toys. Please.

·      Sickness

-        Any child who had diarrhea, rashes, coughs, non-clear runny nose, yellow/green gooey eyes, fever or vomited within the last 24 hours may not be left in any WatchCare room.  (Child will be returned to parent if any of these symptoms are noticed after drop-off)

·      Diapering/Potty training

-        All children must be dropped off in a clean diaper.

-        Please provide diapers, wipes and a set of clean clothes that are weather appropriate.

-        If you are potty training, please let Watch Care providers know.

-     Please make sure that children have gone to the bathroom before being dropped off to the care providers as they have a lot going on when children are dropped off. 

-        All potty training children must be in some sort of training pants,(pull-ups)  not diapers, and have an extra set of clothes.

·      Behaviors

-        Providers will return the child to the parent if the child has been crying for 15 minutes.  The child may return to Watch Care after calming down, but if child gets upset again and can’t be placated by providers after another 15 minutes the child must leave for the day. 

-        Hitting, kicking, or biting of another child or staff member will not be tolerated. The child will be returned to the parent immediately and not allowed to return for that day.

·      Feeding

-        Please provide labeled snacks and a drink for any service lasting more than one hour.

-        Children must be fed prior to entering Watch Care.  (only one small age appropriate snack is provided during services 2 hrs or longer)

-        If services are having a long event that is during a meal time, parents must bring child a sack lunch/dinner or they will be returned to you during the period that all other children are eating their meal.

-        No peanuts. This is to include almonds, peanut butter, peanut butter granola bars peanut butter filled crackers.

The Homeschool Room

It is such a privilege to serve your children each week in the Homeschool Room!  We work hard to provide an environment that is both engaging and safe for your children.  Here are a couple of tips to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

  • The Homeschool Room provides care for children ages 6-11 years on a first come, first served basis.  
  • The space can safely accommodate 20 children, and it is important that we reserve these spaces for children in this age range.  We offer care for younger children in other rooms.
  • Please send in 1 hour of work for your child.  The first hour each week is devoted to work brought from home.  If your child does not have enough work to stay occupied, he or she may be directed to another room to play, and will remain there until pick-up.
  • Bible Worksheets and crafts will be provided once school work has been completed.  These activities are designed for children ages 11 and under.  If you have an older child, please contact
  • The Chapel provides snacks each week, but if your child prefers a different snack, or has specific dietary restrictions/requirements you are welcome to send one from home.    
For our homeschooled students aged 12 & up: We've been informed as of now that we must have an adult with a military-issued background check int he room with any minors at the Chapel during PWOC. This is a Department of Defense policy, not a Fort Belvoir Chapel or PWOC policy. Unfortunately, we do not have enough childcare workers available to staff a homeschool room for students over age 12, and cannot allow them to be in a room by themselves. We apologize for this change, but please understand that this policy is for the safety of your children. 

Thank you very much for your help!

Questions?  Contact: