Ways to Plug in & Connect
PWOC Fort Belvoir members represent all walks of life and are at different places in their spiritual walk. PWOC offers many opportunities for you connect, grow and be involved. In addition to regular Bible Studies, PWOC events & activities help you make new friends and meet old ones even if you can’t be a part of a weekly study.

Program Days are scheduled about once a month, usually on Thursday and feature speakers, praise & worship, and fellowship. Program days are a great option for those unable to commit to weekly meetings but who want to fellowship and be spiritually uplifted.
Inreach Days are scheduled multiple times a year. Come out and enjoy a "featured project" in a relaxed, casual setting, OR feel free to bring your own favorite craft (or anything else you’d like to work on) in a group setting. Fellowship is the focus of outreach days.
Retreats offer women an opportunity to get away from their regularly scheduled daily life to spiritually refocus, and recharge. 
Newcomer Luncheons are held in the fall and spring to welcome new members. The luncheons provide an opportunity to get to know other new members.
PWOC eCommunications: Join our e-mail distribution list to receive electronic communications designed to keep members informed about PWOC & Chapel events and activities. eCommunications are especially helpful for those who cannot attend PWOC regularly but desire to attend events and/or activities when their schedules allow. Click here to add your e-mail address: join now