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Spring 2018 Retreat

Ladies of Fort Belvoir PWOC & Chapel Community, please join us fora weekend of rich discipline, praise & worship, and fellowship. We are excited to hear Tihara Taverner speak about Jesus' pursuit of us and our response to His invitation. Sarah McKinney returns to lead us in praise & worship. 

Please contact Katie Graves at with questions. 

Registration is closed!

  • Registration Link will become available 1 MAR.  
  • Hardcopy registration is also available on THURS mornings before and after open session and Bible Study during registration
  • We will have a retreat table in Chapel on THURS morning before open session and a table in the REC after study time so that retreat committee can answer questions and assist with registration
  • Guest Speaker and Praise and worship leader will be Tihara Taverner & Sarah McKinney
  • Suggested donation of $40.  Please donate during chapel or PWOC offering.
  • Theme: John 1:39... Jesus's pursuit of us and our response to His invitation to follow Him

Key Dates:
Retreat: 6-8 April
Registration: 1-23 March