Fall 2018 Classes

  • Fall classes began 13 September 2018, but we still have classes with openings!  Just stop at registration on the way in, and we'll help you find a class!

An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church (Acts 1-12)

What can God do with fifty days?

In only fifty days Peter was radically transformed. He went from being a man in the shadows denying even knowing Jesus, to a man boldly proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus in the middle of the temple courts. How did the change occur? And more importantly, can such a change occur within us —today, in the here and now?

For fifty days, I invite you to dwell in the first twelve chapters of Acts. Here we meet Peter face-to-face and encounter the source of his power. We become challenged to grab hold of that power

ourselves, believing that God wants to do something in and through us that is unexplainable apart from Him. Let’s give God fifty days and see what He might do.  The purpose of this study isn’t simply to reiterate a message. (You can find many studies on Acts.)  Our purpose is to reignite a movement of the power of the Holy Spirit in each of us individually and in  our churches collectively. Are you ready?

— Erica Wiggenhorn (author)

Participants will enjoy:

• A verse-by-verse study spread over ten weeks (5 lessons/week) • Many biblical, theological, and historical insights • Text-based discussion questions that truly provoke thought

Growing in Christ, 2 Volumes in 1: Lessons on Assurance and Lessons on Christian Living

You know Christ, but you're not sure how to grow in Christ. These classic Navigators studies are your best guide! Lessons on Assurance includes five studies on the key promises God gives to you as a Christian. Lessons on Christian Living includes eight studies on major scriptural principles for your spiritual growth. These studies will help you establish a firm scriptural foundation for your life as you develop habits of Bible study and Scripture memory. Great for new believers! Great review for more mature believers!

Hosea: A 12-Week Study (Knowing the Bible)

The book of Hosea powerfully illustrates God's relationship with covenant-breaking Israel, helping readers understand the extent of His redeeming love for His people despite their unfaithfulness.  This 12-week study walks readers through the biographical and symbolic elements of the story of Hosea and Gomer, showcasing God's desire to lovingly restore His people to a right relationship with Himself through Jesus Christ.

The Knowing the Bible series is a resource designed to help Bible readers better understand and apply God’s Word. These studies lead participants through books of the Bible and are made up of four basic components: (1) reflection questions help readers engage the text at a deeper level; (2) “Gospel Glimpses” highlight the gospel of grace throughout the book; (3) “Whole-Bible Connections” show how any given passage connects to the Bible’s overarching story of redemption, culminating in Christ; and (4) “Theological Soundings” identify how historic orthodox doctrines are taught or reinforced throughout Scripture. With contributions from an array of influential pastors and church leaders, these gospel-centered studies will help Christians see and cherish the message of God’s grace on every page of the Bible.

Verse Mapping
Verse mapping is a simple, creative Bible study method that enables you to dig deeper into God’s Truth, one verse at a time. This class is a ‘hands-on’ class designed to give you, the Bible student, tools with which to study God’s Word and the confidence to use those tools. Verse mapping includes Hebrew/Greek word studies, Bible translation comparisons, and attention to context and details.  Not only will you finish the class with confidence in your ability to study the Bible, but it is our prayer that you will also leave with God’s Word hidden in your heart. We will work through several Psalms together, in class, to practice the method.  Whether you are an ‘in the box’ or ‘out of the box” thinker, verse mapping is for you!

Christ-Centered Parenting - Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues

Russell D. Moore and Phillip Bethancourt (Authors)

Do you ever feel ill equipped to talk about the cultural issues of our day? Designed to help you lead your children and teens in a confident and responsible way, this video/book resource will equip you to address pressing cultural topics which children of all ages, from preschoolers through young adults, face, including:

  • Gender issues
  • Suicide, depression, and anxiety
  • Pornography
  • Addiction and coping mechanisms
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Singleness, dating, marriage, and divorce

Give your kids a biblical worldview that will produce the next generation of culture shapers—not simply the next generation shaped by their culture.

God of Creation - A Study of Genesis 1-11

Jen Wilkin (Author)

The opening lines and chapters of Genesis teach us fundamental truths about God. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil—all through the power of His Word.  Over 10 sessions of verse-by-verse study, dive into the first 11 chapters of Genesis by following three critical stages of understanding: comprehension, interpretation, and application. Teaching videos are key in understanding this study. Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, challenge your basic knowledge, and discover deeper meanings in the text. As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we can only begin to understand ourselves when we first glimpse the character, attributes, and promises of our Creator.