PWOC Board Positions for 2023-24

Our 2023-2024 Theme

This year our theme is Abide and Grow! We aim to abide with Chirst and grow in our faith and knowledge of him throughout this year!

John 15:4 "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me."

PWOC Board 2023-2024

If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Bigelow, our Leadership Selection Committee Chair, at or or Carla Anderson, 2023-2024 PWOC President at

Possible Appointed Ministry Team Leaders (to be appointed by the 2023-2024 President)

HISTORIAN: Document the PWOC year in photos

INREACH: Coordinates the activities within PWOC to get ladies involved (THRIVE groups such as: Book Club, Lunch Bunch, Crafty Ladies, Mindful Movies, walkers, etc.)

OUTREACH: Coordinates ministry projects to meet needs within the Fort Belvoir community (Food drives, coat drives, EFMP Easter Baskets, etc)

NEWCOMERS: Welcomes newcomers to PWOC meetings and fosters a sense of belonging by assigning hostesses for each newcomer. Sponsors at least one Newcomers Event per semester.

PARTICIPATION: Welcomes participants to PWOC meetings and fosters a sense of belonging. Keeps up-to-date information on participants, maintains and distributes rosters. Handles nametag production for the body. Documents number of attendees of each meeting and submits information to chapel staff as required.

PRAYER: Prays and teaches the women to pray. Prays for the local PWOC, the PWOC Chaplain and the board Leads corporate prayer at PWOC meetings, modeling various methods of prayer.

PUBLICITY: Publicizes PWOC events in the chapel and community and maintains social media presence via Facebook and website (

RETREAT: Works closely with the president & financial liaison to coordinate retreats when possible.

TITUS II ADVISOR(S): [This position title is taken from Titus 2:3-5.] Serves as an advisor to the PWOC local board bringing spiritual insight and maturity. These ladies may serve on the board or be appointed to serve alongside board members as advisors.

WATCHCARE LIASON: Ensures that the needs of the children of local PWOC participants are met during PWOC activities and/or maintains the relationship between the local PWOC and Watchcare/Nursery provider. The Liaison assists in providing a homeschool program, when required.

WORSHIP/MUSIC: Leads women in seeking God and exalting His name in times of corporate worship. Prayerfully selects music and scripture for weekly meetings and monthly programs as needed. Coordinates and recruits the worship team.

MUSIC SUPPORT: Plays an instrument or sings, works with worship leader.

MUSIC MEDIA: Runs sound system and computer each PWOC meeting, creates announcement slideshows, works with worship leader.

PWOC Representative: Attends a chapel service on Post and is willing to share information between that service and PWOC.

Not a BOARD position, but we always need women who are willing to serve as Care Group Leaders/Bible Study Facilitators.

There are 5 Executive Board positions: President, Vice-President Spiritual Life, Vice-President Programs, Administrative Coordinator and Financial Liaison. These five positions must be filled by women who hold current dependent military IDs indicating that they are married to an active duty Military Member and be a regular attender of a Protestant service on Fort Belvoir, in addition to other responsibilities outlined in the PWOC Women’s Ministry Manual available online. Other board positions do not have the same expectations for chapel attendance or spouse on Active Duty.

Please take time to read through the positions and prayerfully consider where the Lord is leading you. It is very important that you take the time to talk with your family and the Lord, so please do so. You are important, and God has called you to a place designed especially for you. If that call is to step into leadership or service, we look forward to your application when that window opens.

General Requirements for ALL positions:

1. Confesses Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior

2. Is devoted to God, dependent on Jesus Christ and led by the Holy Spirit

3. Has an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of PWOC

4. Is active in a local PWOC

5. Is certain of her husband's affirmation and support for her PWOC service, if married.

PRESIDENT: Through prayer, provides the vision for the year. Presides at PWOC each morning. Presides at all board meetings. Communicates with other board members to coordinate plans and programs. Officially represents PWOC at chapel and community functions and serves as the recognized point of contact for PWOC. Attends the Chaplains' monthly meeting. Communicates regularly with the PWOC Chaplain Advisor; and fulfills other responsibilities as outlined in The Women's Ministry Manual.

1st VICE-PRESIDENT – SPIRITUAL LIFE: Serves as a primary source of support for the president, and assumes the office of the President if it becomes vacant before the end of the term. Researches and selects Bible studies using the yearly theme and four Aims according to the needs of the women. Prayerfully selects Bible studies and leaders. Trains leaders/teachers and regularly encourages them. Fosters a "care group" atmosphere within the classes.

2ND VICE PRESIDENT - PROGRAMS: Plans programs taking into account the yearly theme, the four aims of PWOC, the needs of the women of the local PWOC and budget constraints. Coordinates all aspects of each program with the appropriate board members (President, Spiritual Life, Hospitality, Praise and Worship, Participation, Publicity, etc.). Plans the installation ceremony for incoming board members. Works with a team to plan schedule, food, activities, decorations, etc.

ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR: Coordinates communication within and for the local PWOC community, including the newsletter. Coordinates all arrangements for board meetings and other board events. Takes and maintains detailed notes of all board meetings. Assists President with correspondence and administrative details. Updates online calendar and website, if within the skill set of the woman serving. Checks Facebook responds to messages and questions there.

FINANCIAL LIAISON: Works with the president and the PWOC Chaplain Advisor to understand the installation's funding policies and to learn the local PWOC fund request procedures. Manages fund requests and purchase orders. Keeps the board informed of PWOC’s financial standing. Works with the President to compile a local PWOC budget for the year and submits the budget to the PWOC Chaplain Advisor. Works directly with the chapel funds coordinator.


If you have any questions, please contact Audrey Bigelow, our Leadership Selection Committee Chair, at or or Carla Anderson, 2023-2024 PWOC President at