PWOC Healthy Priorities

The book of Ephesians tells us why it’s important to set order in our homes and in our personal lives: for protection - during COVID quarantine and always.  Your PWOC Board has been focusing on "Healthy Priorities" all year and especially during this time.  If you have wondered why the newsletters aren't as consistent as they used to be, or why we aren't reaching out to each person individually, please remember that we are trying to keep PWOC as our 8th prioirity as listed below.  We know some of you are familiar with these, but we wanted to give you the suggested PWOC leadership priority list here - and you can join us in remaining protected and healthy as a body until we're able to meet together again!

 1. Relationship with God - This should be the number one priority in life. Thankfully, this is not necessarily church, PWOC, or ministry. It is abiding with Him in a continual love relationship nurtured through prayer, worship, and the Word among other things. Find your quiet time.

2. Personal Health - Though it’s easy to neglect our health, we are body, soul, and spirit (I Thess. 5:23). Therefore, when we neglect our physical health, we are risking our spiritual and emotional livelihood.

3. Husband (if applicable) - This is both time with him, and time to do the things he needs you to do. You are his helpmate. Husband comes before children because you are in covenant relationship with him and God, and because you will be with him even after your children leave. The placement of this priority is not necessarily measured by time, but rather by heart attitude.

4. Children (if applicable) - This can include time with them, time spent doing things for them, supervising online learning, and time spent training them to do things for themselves. 

5. Job (providing necessary family income) - If you are the breadwinner of the family, your priority is here because it is necessary for you to keep your job as perhaps others in the family assist with home management - even if you find yourself working from home now!

6. Home Management - This includes errand running in addition to household cleanliness and management - scavenging stores for toilet paper and Lysol counts too!

7. Job (supplemental family income) - Work may be a matter of preference or fulfillment.

8.  Ministry/Community Volunteerism - This is serving in PWOC, the Chapel or elsewhere in the community as God leads. When you are full from your relationship with God, healthy, have good relationships with your husband and children, and have properly maintained your home and work responsibilities, our time in ministry will be more effective and more rewarding.

 9. Hobbies/Interests - This includes pleasure activities such as scrapbooking, watching movies, leisure reading, watching TV, etc., not to be confused with quality time with family. Although this appears last on this list of priorities, investing time in areas of interest can be beneficial; it just needs to be balanced. God will grant His wisdom, just ask!

Inspired by a document of the same name found on The PWOC Hub.