Calendar Events

PWOC Planning Calendar Spring 2020

NOTE: Most of our meetings start in the Belvoir Chapel (5950 12th ST) and most classes are in the Religious Education Center (REC) next door which is located straight up the road from Tulley Gate, past Starbucks and the old Library on your left and past Specker Field House on the right.

Fellowship Breakfast days are mornings when we start with brunch (certain classes are assigned to bring and serve their sisters) in the REC, and get a chance to talk to each other in a more casual atmosphere before we break for time in our Bible Studies. We do have coffee on these days, so be sure to bring your own mug!!

All of our meetings start at 9:45AM and last until noon. Watchcare (our childcare for children up to age 11) is generously provided by the chapel and opens at 9:30AM. It is first come, first served - and volunteers on the board or who teach classes for us have reservations held for them.


16: Facilitator & Small Group Leader training - MUST RSVP before January 9th!

23: PWOC SPRING KICKOFF at 9:45AM in Belvoir Chapel

30: PWOC First Regular Meeting - And Class #1


1: Mindful Movies Meetup at 2PM

6: Fellowship Breakfast and Class #2 & offering

13: Class #3 & offering

14: Mid-Month MOMS (Moms of Middle Schoolers), MOHS(Moms of High Schoolers) & Mentors Meetup at Mezeh

20: Class #4 - Brown Bag Lunch Bunch in Belvoir Basement after PWOC

27: Class #5


5: Fellowship Breakfast and Class #6

12: Class #7 & offering

16: Mid-Month MOMS, MOHS & Mentors Meetup

19: Class #8 - Brown Bag Lunch Bunch in Belvoir Basement

20-22: PWOC Retreat at White Sulfur Springs

26: Class #9

28: Mindful Movie Meetup at 10:30AM


2: Fellowship Breakfast and Class #10

9: NO PWOC - Fairfax County School System Spring Break

16: Class #11 - Brown Bag Lunch Bunch in Belvoir Basement

17: Mid-Month MOMS, MOHS & Mentors Meetup

23: Class #12

30: Class #13


2: Mindful Movies Meetup at 2PM

7: National Day of Prayer and Class #14

14: Installation of New Board - End of Year Celebration Program & offering