When We Meet

PWOC offers weekly meetings that provide the opportunity for women to connect with each other through fellowship and grow spiritually through Bible Study. Choose the class that best fits your schedule and needs.

PWOC Main Meetings

This is a great choice for stay-at-home moms looking for a little retreat. Enjoy a short morning program of devotion, praise & worship, and prayer followed by fellowship & Bible Study.

Watchcare and a Homeschool Room for school age children are provided on a first-come basis - these are generously supported by the chapel.

Thursday 9:45 am – Noon

Belvoir Chapel & Religious Education Center (REC)

Parking locations for classes are at the REC are by the 1) old library, 2) behind the Chapel, in the Venondale housing area parking, 3) in the lot across from the Chapel, and 4) behind Starbucks.

We request that attendees try to leave the parking spots in front of the REC (RARELY available!) for women with small children and others with needs.

Evening Bible Studies

Choose the evening Bible study that fits your schedule. Either is a great option if you work or have other commitments during the day but still want to be part of a weekly meeting and fellowship.

Tuesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Religious Education Center (at Belvoir Chapel)

Wednesday 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Religious Education Center (at Belvoir Chapel) - this choice is GREAT for moms with children who attend the Youth Program next door!!

Korean Bible Study

Thursday 9:30 am -12:30 pm

Woodlawn Chapel

에 모시는 글 하나님 깨서는 21세기의 복잡하고 어지러운 세상을 구원하시기 위하여서 다 민족 다문화 가정을 (행16:1)을 만세 전에 미리 택하시고 작정 하셔서 오늘을 위하여 준비하셨습니다. 많은 문제와 갈등이 있을수있는 다 민족 다문화 가정이지만 하나님의 말씀과 약속 안에서 치유 받고 힘을 얻으며 다 민족 다문화 가정만이 할수있는 특수한 하나님의 계획을 발견할 때 하나님은 21세기의 디모데 같은 제자를 일으켜 세우실 것입니다."

안내: Rev. Kevin Oh is giving us Gospel Bible words in Korean. 현재 저희는 마테복음을 오상윤 목사 님 으로부터 지도 받고 있으며 매주 목요일 오전 9:30- 11:30에 퐅벨보아 우드란찹플 에서 모이고 있습니다. 누구든지 자유롭게 오셔서 복음 께닳는 은혜 받으시기 바랍니다. 무엇이든 궁굼 하신게 있으시면 연락 주시기 바랍니